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Laser treatments represent a cornerstone of our cutting-edge eye care services at Thresiammas Eye Hospital, known as the best eye hospital for delivering the best laser treatments in Kanhangad. Our unwavering commitment to precision and patient well-being is embodied in our laser procedures, carried out by experienced ophthalmologists who are laser specialists. Let's delve into the world of laser treatments, understanding what they are, how they work, and why we are your trusted choice for the best laser treatments in Kanhangad.

    Types of Laser Treatments:

  • YAG Laser Treatment: YAG laser procedures are employed for a range of conditions, including posterior capsulotomy (to improve vision after cataract surgery) and laser peripheral iridotomy (to manage angle-closure glaucoma).
  • Green Laser Treatment: Green laser therapy is utilized in the management of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and certain types of glaucoma. It is highly effective in targeting and sealing abnormal blood vessels or relieving intraocular pressure.

How Laser Treatments Are Performed:
The essence of laser treatments lies in their precision. During the procedure:

  • You will be comfortably positioned, and your eye will be numbed with anesthetic eye drops.
  • The ophthalmologist will use a specialized laser system to precisely target the affected area of your eye.
  • The laser emits focused beams of light, which can achieve various effects, such as sealing blood vessels, vaporizing unwanted tissue, or creating tiny openings in the eye's structure.
  • The entire process is completed quickly, often within a matter of minutes.