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Compassionate Care, Clear Vision: Your Eyes, Our Priority

Thresiammas Eye Hospital is a prestigious organisation committed to providing the best eye care. It is tucked away among the tranquil landscapes of Kusavankunnu, Kizhakkumkara, Ajanur, and Kanhangad. Our mission is straightforward but profound: to protect your vision and guarantee the wellbeing of your eyes, supported by unshakable dedication and cutting-edge knowledge.
At the centre of our hospital is a cutting-edge operation room that is both contemporary and completely furnished. This demonstrates our dedication to offering the best possible treatment while putting your convenience, security, and wellbeing first.
We provide cutting-edge methods for cataract surgery that change the patient experience.Our keyhole cataract surgeries and Phacoemulsification methods have established new benchmarks by doing away with injections and sutures.

Patients can now undergo cataract surgery with confidence, knowing that they will recover more quickly and get excellent visual results.

Our exploration of the world of eye care doesn't end there. Our extensive range of services, which includes specialised retinal operations covering vitreoretinal procedures, retinal detachment surgeries, vitreous haemorrhage management, and macular hole surgeries, is something we take great pride in. Your retinal health is in the best hands with our knowledgeable team.
Our rigorous screening and surgical procedures make glaucoma, a quiet vision thief, a tough adversary. The cornerstone of our strategy is early identification, which aims to protect your eyesight and stave off further issues.
We use cutting-edge scanning technologies including A-Scan, B-Scan, O.C.T., and H.F.A. to assure accuracy in diagnosis. These cutting-edge instruments enable us to diagnose and analyse eye disorders with unmatched accuracy, enabling prompt treatments that are frequently essential for effectively monitoring and treating eye ailments.
Preterm newborns, who are among those who are most at risk, are included in our dedication to comprehensive eye care. We are aware of the special requirements of these young children and offer tailored care, assuring early detection and intervention that can influence their future vision.
Thresiammas Eye Hospital upholds a patient-centered attitude in which caring is just as important to our method as state-of-the-art equipment. For us, maintaining your eye health is a calling, not simply a job. With excellence and friendliness, we are committed to protecting and enhancing your vision.
We are here to maintain the windows to your world that are your eyes absolutely clear. You may count on us to be your loyal companion while you pursue healthier eyesight. Welcome to Thresiammas Eye Hospital, where we are committed to helping you see clearly.

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Envisioning a Brighter Future Through Clear Vision

Vision Statement

Striving for excellence, our vision is to become a world-class eye hospital, delivering comprehensive eye care services of the highest quality.

Mission Statement

Wipe off darkness through quality service with love and empathy and care.Be an eyecare center approchable to all for their eye problem.